1. The customer shall be informed that, as a result of the cleaning according to the label, products may change their size or be damaged due to failure resistance of fabric and sewing, the insufficient strength of dyes etc. Product processed with the customer’s consent.

2. Objects with very dirty and / or worn linings, reinforcements, collars, cuffs, pockets etc. may not be cleaned very well. The customer shall be informed that the product may keep a dirty look after pre-detachment and cleaning / washing. Clothes which have a Velcro fastening system may be shred during the cleaning process, and the company is not liable for the incident. They will be listed on the voucher and will be processed with the customer’s consent.

3. Following the processing of leather, sheepskin, suede and natural fur items, they may suffer discoloration, spots or get broken due to faulty tanning, dressing and dyeing, caused by improper finish, therefore the chemical cleaning of these objects is performed on customer's risk and consent.

4. Garments without labels with recommendations for maintenance of the manufacturing company are received for processing only on the customer's risk.

5. If the product is cleaned according to the label of the manufacturing company and deteriorates, SC TOTAL WASH SRL is not liable for the damages. The customer can address a neutral technical expert.

6. In case of damage of clothing items during the technological process for technical reasons, or in case of burglary, ascertained by the police, if the client does / does not prove the value of the product, SC TOTAL WASH SRL will establish the compensation with the customer. The compensated product remains in the company’s possession.

7. he company is not responsible for failure to provide the services on due term due to reasons such as lack of electricity, lack of water pressure etc. In these cases, the company shall post the date when the customer can return.

8. The company cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of buttons, zippers, shoulder pads, ornaments and objects forgotten inside the pockets, regardless of their value, detachment of garment seams.

9. The objects are returned only upon submitting the original receipt. In case of loss of receipt, the product will be delivered based on the ID card (with the customer’s) and the hand-over report.

10. Any objections must be made upon picking up the items. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account. For solving a complaint, the product must be left with the providing unit’s care, except carpets for which complaints can be lodged within 24 hours from pick-up. only based on the fiscal receipt.

11. Objects not picked up within 30 days are considered abandoned. A fee of 2.5% of the service amount is applied after 5 days for each day of delay.

12. The compensation for the loss of products shall be made within 30 days of the ascertainment, depending on the wear degree.

13. SC TOTAL WASH SRL reserves the right to refuse items which show a high degree of wear or emit bad odors.

14. The symbols used for marking characteristics: S - synthetic material or mixture with synthetic fibers; U - object worn or broken, pinched; FG - service without warranty; P - stained material; R - return.

15. The delivery term for carpets is of maximum 5 business days (without Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays); the delivery term for leather, sheepskin, suede, natural or synthetic fur items is of maximum 7 business days (without Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).