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Fur hat30.00
Short sheepskin coat60.00
Fur coat60.00
Leather jacket60.00
Leather gloves20.00
Long sheepskin coat80.00
Leather skirt50.00
Long fur coat80.00
Long leather coat80.00
Leather trousers50.00
To facilitate your access to a range of quality services, Total Wash offers the Home pick-up and delivery service for the items processed.

For ordering please call: 0724 661 906.

Home pick-up and delivery service is available in Bucharest and surrounding areas.

To benefit from this service, we charge a minimum order of::
50 ron- sectors 1, 2 and Otopeni 70 ron - sectors 3,4,5,6 150 ron - surrounding areas

Appointments for new customers:
If you are a new customer, select the desired services and estimated quantities. Our colleagues will call to confirm in the shortest time possible.

Appointments for existing customers:
Place your order online or by phone and we'll pay you a visit in the shortest time possible.

Cleaning of natural leather items
Leather clothing items require professional care to protect the skin from drying and cracking. Leather garments are cleaned in a special solution, used only for leather and suede, and finishing is performed with equipment specially designed for the sensitive garments. We do not use standard cleaning solvents that harden and degrade leather garments.

Cleaning of natural fur items
Natural fur garments should be cleaned and maintained professionally. Age and environmental factors cause dryness, damage and breakage of natural fur. Professional cleaning services will extend the life of fur items.

Read more about the Risks that may occur.


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